Nature Paint Brushes

Make a set of Nature Paint Brushes and have fun indulging in a little nature art painting for kids. This outdoor art is all about the process. It is such a fun process art idea for kids that love being outdoors and all things nature! 

Get outside, go on a nature walk, collect lots of interesting pieces of nature and then have fun painting with your nature! Toddlers, preschoolers and older kids will all love experimenting with nature and paint to see what marks they can make!

There are no rules to this craft, just back to basics, and exploring creativity through nature 🌱

Nature Paint Brush - Supplies

  • Sticks (1 for each paint brush)
  • Lots of interesting pieces of nature
  • Elastic bands (or string)
  • Poster paint
  • Large roll of paper

Collecting your nature for this activity is half the fun. Go on a nature walk and see what interesting things you can find. Look for different textures and patterns. Talk about which pieces of nature you think will make good prints. 

How to make nature paint brushes

Making the nature paint brushes is easy! Simply attach a piece of nature to each stick using an elastic band (or a piece of string).

TIP: To avoid breaking your pieces of nature put the elastic bands onto the sticks first and then slide your pieces of nature into the bands. Make sure the elastic bands aren't too tight. You may need more than one band to keep your nature in place. 
Use the image below as a guide. Nature paint brushes Nature Art Outside PlayCreative ideas for kids at homeCreative kids Sensory play Unique art Paper printing Nature printing

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