23 easy Elf on the shelf ideas to get you prepped Mamma!

Some amazing ideas from our friends at Mums Grapevine!

It’s that time of year again when cheeky little Elf on the Shelf has us setting alarms and racking our brains for new ideas every night leading up to Christmas day.

After zero effort with maximum impact? These next ideas are all about speed. There’s no need for any fancy equipment or crafty skills, and there’s a couple that even give Elf a few nights off from moving. Make no mistake, these ideas are still funny and adorable, they’re just easy as can be.

Here are 23 easy Elf on the Shelf ideas to try via the link below :

23 easy Elf on the Shelf ideas - Mum's Grapevine (mumsgrapevine.com.au)

List of things you can start collecting to get Elf- ready :

Sticky Elf : Roll of contact tape and marker with a hand written note

Pringle Elf : Pringle Can , precut holes to save yourself the hassle last minute

Iso Elf : Glass jar to fit your elf , an coffee jar is a great fit!

Keep your distance Elf : Tape measure and sign saying keep your distance 1.5m apart. add a small mask for fun!

Story Time Elf : Get your elf to choose a Christmas story to get the kids in the mood, add a hand written note to encourage reading 

Bubble Bath Elf : Get a bag of White balloons to create HUGE bubbles

Fan Elf : Attach Elf to your fan with some undies or fav toys 

Decoration Elf : Pop Elf in the tree with a sign asking to help decorate or be a decoration!

Under the weather Elf: Pop Elf under a blanky for a lazy day!

Music Elf : Pop your old headphones on your elf for a rocking day

Don't Move Elf : DIY cast on Elf's leg, signed and all!


Slip em on Elf  : Pop Elf in a family members shoes and place by the door, encourage a walk for the family

Sneaky snack Elf  : Mini Nutella jar for the win!

Ride on Elf : Get some tape and some friends and strap them to the dryer for a homemade ride on!

Snowball fight Elf  : All you need is some paper and a home made sign,for this cute DIY

Whip it Elf : Grab your whisk and a bowl and done!

Floss Elf : Grab floss, and a home made sign and wrap that little fella for some floss fun

Clean Elf : Pop your elf in the washing machine or dryer 

Take me with you Elf : Pop elf in a jar with a note to tag along to the park

Sweet Elf : Create a heart candy cane love letter 

Movie Elf : Choose YOUR favourite Christmas movie and get Elf to suggest it as family's movie night. Add popcorn and your favourite snacks 

Doodle Elf : Get a marker and draw some silly faces on family portraits

Taco Time Elf : Plan taco night and wrap your elf the night before as a suggestion

So next time you’re in a panic and have mere moments to whip up an epic elf scene, just refer back to our easy Elf on the Shelf ideas!